Kearney for Senate 
                                       We Must Do Better!

About Paul Kearney, Jr.

I am a family man and a small business man.  I am happily married to Tracy Kearney and we have twin daughters Samantha and Isabella and a two year old son John Adams (Jack-a-roo).  I have learned to be a hard worker and be dedcatied to what you believe in from my parents.  My mother was a member of the IBEW local 103.  My father worked for the MBTA and was a member of the  carmen's union.

Some of my personal and professional accomplishments are:

  •  I am a small business owner and employ over 100 people
  • Have been innovative in creating good jobs for great people
  • Promoting Health and Wellness for over 20 years
  • Small business owner since 1984
  • Successful programs for Firefighters, students and Health Fairs
  • Support for the OWL program and Childrens Hospital
  • Original sponsor of nutrition bill to promote good nutrition in schools and increase physical fitness

My Hobbies and Interests are :

  • History and politics
  • Reading to my children
  • Playing Sports: Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Softball