Kearney for Senate 
                                       We Must Do Better!

We Must Do Better!

 We Must Do Better for Children & Families
I will fight for the rights of every child of the commonwealth. 
I will support a Childrens Bill of Rights that will include
limitations for advertising to children
Right to nutritious food choices and
        physical fitness programs at school
Increase drivers education
I have Common Sense Plans to Help Restore Extracurricular activities and increase funding for local schools

We Must Cut Taxes
Reduce the Massachusetts tax rate back to 5%

We Must Create Better Jobs
I have been creating jobs since 1984
I have  innovative plans to create great paying jobs for Massachusetts citizens

We Must do Better for Seniors
Make health and wellness program available to ensure longevity. 
Allow qualified seniors to freeze or defer property tax bills.
Promote senior volunteerism

We Must do better  for small Business
I support a $5000 tax credit for small business that hire Massachusetts citizens
Make capital more available through the S.B.A

We Must do better for our communities
I will Promote Safety and encourage community initiative
work with all local utility companies to ensure safety
Rebuild our parks and sidewalks

We Must Do Better For the people who Serve & Protect our communities
I will work with our Police, Fire & Teacher associations to ensure they have the tools they need to work to the fullest capacity. 

We Must Do Better with Term Limits
Setting term limits for state officials will promote new ideas and save tax payer dollars

Donate salary back to town safety and wellness programs
Each year I will donate a portion of my salary, back to the 8 towns of the Plymouth & Norfolk district.